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                            Tryout Information

This upcoming 2024-2025 season will be the Rockets 36th tournament season. The Rockets are an organization dedicated to improving the individual athlete’s level of play while stressing the importance of teamwork and team goals. All monies, fees and donations collected go to the cost of running our program. This includes team equipment, insurance, entry and association fees, travel expenses, administrative costs, etc. Our 18U athletes participate in several large recruiting tournaments on the East Coast and individual player recruiting camps. The Rockets organization has produced many players that have gone on to continue their softball careers at all levels of college athletics, including Division I, II and III levels.




REGARDING TRYOUTS: Your daughter will be notified by phone, email or direct conversation regarding her status within a few days of her tryout. The coach may request an additional tryout or extend an invitation to play in fall ball games if the coach is undecided. Once a player has been offered a roster spot, families will have two (2) days to accept the position and make a non refundable $400 deposit. After two days the roster spot may be offered to another player. There are no refunds under any circumstances.

There will be a mandatory meeting for all teams scheduled in the Fall. All players and at least one parent or guardian must attend.



  • Experienced, dedicated coaches
  • Proven Fundamental Skill Improvement Techniques
  • Small rosters
  • Guaranteed playing time during pool play.
  • Exposure opportunities for college bound student athletes .
  • Competitive opportunities at the local, regional, and national levels.

  • Weekly indoor practices, January – March
  • Outdoor practices & scrimmages beginning in April .
  • State-of-the-art Practice Facilities
  • Fundraising, Volunteer & Community Opportunities.
  • Fun & Competitive Team Atmosphere.

2023-2024 Registration Fees

18U: $1900 16U: $1800 14U: $1750 12U: $1700

Payments are due upon acceptance of a roster spot and should be given to the team’s manager. Again, a $400 deposit fee is due within two days of being offered a spot. Payment plans are available, but families must be paid in full by January 1st. (This includes uniform payment). This season, you are able to make your dues payments on our website. If you choose to pay by check it must be for the full amount. 

Players, including coaches daughter’s, who are not paid in full by January 1 will not be allowed to practice until the final payment is made. There are no refunds under any circumstances.

Uniforms are multi-year and may be used for future seasons. This fee is not included in the regular season fee. Approximate cost of 2024 uniform $250. For overnight tournaments, the athlete’s hotel and other expenses are not included in the registration fee. The uniform fee does not cover the helmet or equipment bag. 

All fees are non-refundable.


16u & 18u: Nine -Ten tournaments from the fall to the summer, including Showcase tournaments

Possible National Tournament at program’s discretion

12u & 14u: Eight -Ten tournaments from the fall to the summer.

Participation in Nationals at program’s Participation in Nationals at program’s discretion

Please note this is an estimated number of tournaments.

Local & Travel (NY, NJ, PA, New England States) 

Tournament plans may change based on availability, costs and weather issues.

If we can provide you with any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Athlete & Parent / Guardian Expectations:

  • Attendance at all scheduled practices, games, meetings and events. Lack of attendance at these activities will affect players' playing time.

  • Good sportsmanship at all times.

  • Team spirit and the acceptance of team goals & objectives.

  • Respect for teammates, coaches, officials and opposing teams.

  •  A positive and willing-to-learn attitude and demeanor.

  • Be open to new and different techniques and concepts.

  • Willingness to play and accept any position requested.

Parents: The Rockets’ program provides a positive, constructive and instructive environment for your daughter. YOU are in the best position to promote the attitude and demeanor necessary for a positive experience. YOU are also in the best position to create a negative experience for your daughter, other players, parents and coaches.

Player/Parent Code of Conduct

The following Rockets Softball Commitment and Code of Conduct statements must be read carefully and understood by both players and parents.

1. Players are expected to attend all practices and games during the entire season. A reasonable excuse for missing a practice or game includes illness, family emergencies, and occasional special events. Any player who cannot make it to a practice or game must phone or e-mail the head coach within a reasonable time frame and give the reason why they cannot attend.

2. Playing with the Rockets takes precedence over all other sports or activities except school sports.

3. Players who miss practices or games for reasons not deemed acceptable (see item 1 for acceptable reasons) by the coaching staff will be subject to reduced playing time which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

4. Players must be committed to the team. No player has a “position” and they must earn their right to play on an ongoing basis. The coaches will determine where a player plays and amount of playing time based on ability, attendance, performance in both games and practices, commitment, and the team’s needs.

5. The Rockets encourage continuity by having players remain within their appropriate age level. However, if a player requests a move into a higher age level, this request must be made verbally to a member of the Board of Directors, and subsequently approved by the Board of Directors.

6. Players are expected to show up on time for practices and games. This means the player is fully dressed and awaiting instructions to start. Being in the parking lot and getting ready while the rest of the team is warming up is not being on time.

7. Players are expected to come to a practice or game and try their best. We practice as we play. At all times they must put full effort into all activities. Players must not engage in disruptive behavior such as talking when the coaches are talking or engage in excessive horseplay. Socializing and having fun is encouraged as long as it does not interfere with practices or games. Adequate rest periods will be allotted during practices.

8. Each player will start at least one game of any pool play games except for disciplinary measures due to missing practices or games. A player who is in the line-up as a flex player or a designated player is considered a starter. There is no guaranteed playing time in games. 

Playing time is based solely on performance metrics and the needs of the team.

9. All efforts to have each player play at least half of each tournaments pool play will be made. During elimination rounds, players will be used to the best advantage of the team to proceed to the next round of play. Your child may not play on Sunday. 

10. During games and practices, parents shall let the manager and coaches do their work without interference. Parents will refrain from coaching or criticizing their child or other players during games and practices, unless they are one of the official coaches of the team or asked to assist. We welcome constructive suggestions but they should be offered in private at appropriate times.

11. Fair play and a positive attitude are expected at all times. Criticizing any player, coach, or game official during a game or practice is not appropriate and will be dealt with accordingly. Players and parents will respect all aspects of the game, including coaches, officials, teammates, opponents, fans and rules, regardless of the behavior of others. All Rockets members will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials, and fans at every game and practice. At no time will a coach, player or parent engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures or engage in physical and/or verbal intimidation, abuse or conduct toward any player, parent, official, umpire, or supporter.

 *1st infraction will result in a written warning for that player or parent 

 * 2nd warning will result in both player and parent to leave the tournament immediately. These warnings will carry over from tournament to tournament

12. Players and parents must recognize that they are representing Brewster Rockets Softball and must act accordingly.

 * Foul and abusive language and conduct are strictly prohibited, by anyone: player, parents, other family members, a guest of a parent of any age,  manager, or coach.

 * Rooting should be for your team, not against the opposing team. Trash-talk,  taunting, and negative rooting are unacceptable, regardless of the unsportsmanlike conduct of the opposing team.

14. Only the coaches should question calls of the umpire, and only calls relating to the proper interpretation of a rule, not judgment calls. Parents shall refrain from outbursts against the umpire and will let the coaches handle all umpire issues. The coaches are ultimately responsible for the behavior and placement of the team’s players. Only the coaches selected are allowed to give instructions and only they are allowed to be in the dugout.

15. The coaches will be allowed some discretion in applying these policies to accommodate unusual or special circumstances.

16. Open and honest communication is important but must be done so in a fair and reasonable manner.

17 . Issues parents cannot discuss with coaches, as these issues are at the coach’s discretion based on players’ abilities and the needs of the team.

a. Playing time 

b. Position played 

c. Other players 

d. Team/game strategy 

e. Calling plays 

f. Player instructions during game

18. Parents are not to give players any verbal, physical, or visual instructions during a game.

19. Any conversations between a parent and coach regarding playing time will not be entertained.

20. Parents are not permitted in the dugout/bench area during a game, except for medical reasons when asked to be there by a coach.

21. If a parent has a concern related to a game or practice, they must wait 24 hours before calling or emailing the head coach after the game or practice.

22. Players and/or parents who do not abide by these commitment standards and code of conduct, may be subject their child to removal from the team with no refunds. The Rockets expect total support and mandatory volunteer assistance in the days leading up to and the days of the annual Blast-Off Tournament on Memorial Day weekend. This tournament has traditionally been a 12u and/or 14u tournament. But we ask that the entire organization, players and parents, participate in helping at the event.


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