• Players are encouraged to make lasting friendships with their teammates and to have fun; but are also expected to take practice and games seriously and put in their best effort and hustle at all times. In addition to scheduled team practices, players are expected to practice on their own, and make every effort to improve their skills for the benefit of themselves and the team.
  • Players are expected to practice like we play; meaning players are expected to take practices and drills seriously and not distract other players or put in less than 100% effort.
  • Players are expected to learn, memorize and recognize signs and signals.
  • Players are expected to respect themselves, their teammates, the coaching staff, their parents, the officials and their opponents.
  • Players are expected to support their teammates and cheer for OUR Team.
  • Players are expected to refrain from negative cheers or comments to or about opposing teams.
  • Players are expected to not quit on the team or themselves.
  • Players are expected to pick themselves and their teammates up after mistakes are inevitably made and to demonstrate good sportsmanship whether we win or lose.
    Players have the opportunity to make lasting friendships with their teammates and are encouraged to do so.
  • Players are encouraged to ask questions of the coaching staff.
  • Players are to respect the coaching decisions about playing time, the lineup and/or field positions they ask the players to play.
  • Players are expected to put in their best effort and the wins will come.


  • Parents are expected to make every effort to have their daughter attend all fall, winter and spring practices and all tournaments.
  • Parents are expected to deliver their daughter to practices, events and games on time.
  • In addition to scheduled team practices, parents are asked to assist in ensuring their players practice on their own, three times per week for at least 20 minutes; and make every effort to improve their skills for the benefit of themselves and the team.
  • Parents are expected to say only positive things on the sidelines to players, coaches, officials & umpires.
  • Parents are encouraged to ask questions and communicate with the coaching staff, but not when the coaching staff is on the field.
  • Parents are encouraged not to shout instructions to your daughter during the game as it is distracting for the player and may interfere with coaching strategies.
  • Parents are asked to call or text the coaching staff if your daughter is going to be late or absent from a game or practice.
  • Parents are encouraged to be consistent with the coaching staffs focus on effort and not the scoreboard.
  • Parents are asked to support the coaching staff, especially in regards to coaches batting lineup and field position decisions.
  • Parents are encouraged to avoid sleepovers or late outings for their daughters the night before a game.
  • Parents are asked to make sure their daughters are well-hydrated prior to practices and games.
  • Parents are asked to ensure their players are equipped for practices and games. This not only includes their softball gear, but also water, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, towels, etc.
  • Parents are expected to respond to emails in a timely fashion confirming their attendance for games and practices.
  • Parents are asked to remember that this is youth sports and that this is the time where fun should be just as important as competitiveness.


  • Coaches will create a fun, winning atmosphere for the players, and will set an example of sportsmanship.
  • Coaches will recognize winning moments & provide positive reinforcement to the players on the team.
  • Coaches will focus more on effort and less the scoreboard.
  • Coaches will keep in mind that players are trying their absolute best to play well.
  • Coaches will recognize areas of improvement and attempt to improve player skills & performance during every practice and during every game. When addressing areas of improvement, coaches will refrain from negative feedback as much as possible.
  • Coaches will provide playing time for ALL players during pool play; however, in the spirit of competition, the nine players who put in the best effort, and provide the team with the best chance to win, will play more often. These nine players can change throughout the season and from tournament to tournament.
  • Coaches will maintain a frequent line of communication to the players and parents / guardians and respect the questions and concerns of players and parents / guardians.
  • Coaches will make every effort to ensure the tournament season is one of the most positive and memorable times our players have ever experienced in team sports.